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Node Hosting: Get connected to Aion, Ethereum, and IPFS in minutes with our easy to use APIs. We host and manage scalable blockchain node infrastructure, so you can focus on building the features of your decentralized application.

What is it?

Nodesmith is a new Software as a Service company making access to decentralized networks faster and easier. It's a free service and they provide an API that securely connects you to a fully up-to-date blockchain networks - which is compatible with Aion!

Nodesmith aims to take the headache out of running and hosting decentralized network nodes yourself by providing compatible APIs which connect you securely to fully up-to-date blockchain networks.

Why use it?

Take the headache out of running and hosting decentralized network nodes yourself!
Nodesmith provides endpoints to Aion nodes so that you don't have to:

  • Host and manage the infrastructure of a full Aion node yourself
  • Wait over a day for the node to sync before you can begin interacting with the network

Get Started

  1. Sign up here and verify your e-mail.
  2. Login to the developer portal with your newly created account.
  3. Once on Dashboard, create & nickname your new project. Bam! You've got your API Key. We'll be using this key to send requests to our Nodesmith endpoint.
  4. On "Select Network", you have the option for either the 'Testnet' or 'Mainnet'
Nodesmith Dashboard

Nodesmith Dashboard


Learn how to deploy a smart contract using Nodesmith! Check out this guide here.