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What does the Aion roadmap look like?

Over the next 12 months, we have ambitious timelines that will unlock developers to perform new things at every milestone. Learn more about when you can expect these milestones.

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Technology roadmaps have a long history of movement away from longer-term (waterfall) planning, towards shorter, more "agile" planning methodologies. While the broader blockchain ecosystem has opted for long-term milestone promises, we have embraced leaner, market responsive development planning. As a result, this section outlines some high-level goals but not a granular breakdown on dates.

Major Milestones you should know about

Below is a roadmap breakdown for the core offering of the Aion Foundation. While it acts as a general guide for what is coming, there are an increasing number of tools and services building value around this core architecture that we have highlighted in the Aion Master Tool List.

Phase 1: Kilimanjaro

In plain English

Virtual Machine - FastVM with EVM Source Compatibility

The optimized Virtual Machine is used to..

Aion Interchain - Token Bridge and Interchain Communication

The Token Bridge for the Kilimanjaro release is built for the purpose of migrating AION ERC-20 tokens to native AION coins.

More about this here.

Aion Proof of Work - Equihash 210_9

The Kilimanjaro Release uses an optimized modification of the equihash consensus algorithm It doubles the memory requirement while achieving the required block times.


Aion Core - Multi-Chain Framework, Wire Protocol (P2P), Tx Pool, Event Manager

The Multi-Chain Framework is...

Aion APIs - Java API, Web3 API Compatibility

Aion APIs

Phase 2: Denali

In plain English

Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Version 1

This AVM is a custom-built, lightweight, performant, and stable VM that leverages key characteristics of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), providing concurrency and robustness within a blockchain-specific context. The AVM is responsible for running applications on top of Aion. The AVM will include its own scripting language.

Aion Scripting Language

The Aion scripting language is used for writing chain logic that runs on Aion-Everest and potentially any connecting/participating network. The Aion language is compiled into AVM bytecode and executed by the AVM. The Aion language provides the following features: defensive programming, blockchain runtime environment, blockchain context injection, security.


Consensus Algorithm:
an economic measure to deter denial of service attacks by requiring participants, solvers in Aion-Everest, to perform artificial intelligence (AI) computation. The intent is to motivate the creation of AI-specific or specialized hardware that could be used for machine learning and neural network training in the future.

Phase 3: Everest

In plain English

Participating Network Bridging

The generic bridge protocol is designed to enable the atomic movement of value and data between heterogeneous networks. This will enable the development of cross-blockchain contract logic and free-floating token supplies.

Complete Validator Nomination

The Hybrid DPoS / PoI consensus mechanism aims to achieve high performance while providing a fair and decentralized validator set. This is achieved through a token staking system and partly through a novel verification algorithm based on concepts used in modern neural networks called Proof-of- Intelligence.

Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Version 2

This Virtual Machine will be an evolution of the AVM with a focus on higher performance with concurrent execution, and multiple language support.