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Grants and Bounties

Current Outstanding Bounties and Grants

Check out the bounty page to view current bounties that are available to the community. If you don't see something you'd like to take on, feel free to submit a proposal.

Incentive Program

The incentive program's core mandate is to accelerate the growth of the Aion ecosystem through the community. As of today, the Incentive Program is comprised of grants and bounties, which are important tasks or projects we ask that the community take on. As an open-source foundation that is committed to decentralization, transparency is a core pillar of this program.

We hold ourselves accountable for how we operate our funds and ensure a fair and open process for the community. Below you will find details on how we make decisions, our core principles, and guidelines for you to follow to make the process as seamless as possible. We are continuously improving this program with the goal of increasing the adoption of Aion through multiple facets of the community.

This table helps illustrate the differences between grants and bounties.



Fixed Projects

Fixed Tasks


  • Milestone Driven
  • Non-equity
  • Lack of clear revenue model
  • Must have binary "definition of completeness"
  • Must be under 10,000 USD





Open-source/partial commercial license



Grants are equity free funds dispersed to individuals or entities for a specified or proposed purpose. Grant applications will be evaluated based on the benefit to the Aion ecosystem, financial & technical feasibility, team track-record and contributions to Aion, and the practicality of timelines & milestones.

How the process works



Submit your application for open grants or propose your own


Initial screening


In-depth evaluation by relevant team experts


Gather additional information (emails, interviews, etc.)


Refine proposal components


Sign off


Grant is approved and kick off is scheduled

You will be notified of your application status at each of the steps described above.
Payments will be processed after the milestone has been evaluated. This typically takes 1-2 weeks

Applicant Expectations

The mission of the incentive program is to fund projects and initiatives that will grow a healthy open-source community that focuses on mainstream adoption. Here are some of the key principles we look for:

  • Directly benefit the Aion ecosystem and broader community as a whole
  • Co-create on projects that help unblock developers building dApps
  • Promote open-source
  • Collaborate with other projects within the community
  • Have a path to sustainability

We will NOT fund:

  • Projects that benefit a single entity and not the ecosystem as a whole
  • ICOs
  • Applications that have a significant profit margin baked into their cost
  • Projects that do not have a clear purpose
  • Projects that do not have clear ownership and post-grant sustainability strategy

This is what a successful application looks like:

  • Aligned with Aion's vision and roadmap
  • Budgeted at a reasonable cost with a justified timeline
  • Tangible milestones and deliverables
  • Well-articulated support and sustainability plans
  • Well equipped to deliver


Bounties are a form of recognition and compensation offered to individuals who complete a task. They include bugs, security vulnerabilities, documentation, translations, features, test coverage and more.

How it Works



Sign up to the bounty program


Submit your application for open bounties


Evaluation of applicant by team experts


Applicant is approved to start work


Work is submitted


Work can be resubmitted if it does not meet the acceptance criteria


Work is accepted and payout is made

You will be notified of your application status at each of the steps described above.

Types of Bounties

Bounties are released on an ongoing basis spanning technical and non-technical
tasks. Bounties fall under but are not limited to the following categories:

  • New features
  • Documentation
  • Bug hunting
  • Translations
  • Research (both technical and non-technical)
  • Test Coverage
  • Miscellaneous

Bounties are divided into two tiers:

  • Tier 1 bounties: tasks that are open for everyone to claim. These are typically short (<1 week) and require beginner to intermediate skills.
  • Tier 2 bounties: tasks that only proven bounty hunters on Aion can claim. These are typically longer (1+ weeks) with a higher degree of complexity and criticality. They also come with a larger reward.

Future Incentives

We will be releasing additional forms of incentives shortly. Stay tuned!

Join the program and claim your grant and/or bounty now!

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Grants and Bounties

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