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Aion Foundation

The Aion Foundation has four global offices and governs itself as a "Pod based foundation". Learn more about our governance here.


We firmly believe in and embrace concepts of decentralized governance, but realize that it isn't yet an outright replacement for good leadership. Below is a "snapshot in time" of how the Aion Foundation governs itself, however, this governance structure is purposefully malleable and a never-ending experiment.

How we organize ourselves

The Aion Foundation is organized as a "Pod based Foundation" whose guiding ethos is:
β€œMinimize the use of controlling strategies to create autonomous groups that are intrinsically motivated, and self-propelled towards an objective or set of objectives.”

We are organized into "Pods", each of which is an autonomous divisional unit in the Aion Foundation. Composed generally of 2-8 individuals, a pod serves to accomplish a mission critical to the overall success of the foundation. A set of self-identified key results are used to evaluate the effectiveness of pod’s activities towards this mission.

Since we're an open source project, we benefit from community contributions across all Pods and always working to apply leverage in that will allow us to source those contributions. A good example of this is our Incentive Program

Where we are physically located

We, the Aion team are based all around the world with offices in the Cayman Islands, Toronto, Canada, Shanghai, Barbados, Romania.

The Aion project is governed by the Aion Foundation.

How we make decisions

We implement a hybrid OKR based model for measuring the performance and efforts of Pods. Pods are giving a mission and general guidance on some key results that may be in their best interest to pursue as measuring stick to evaluate their performance. How they work and the activities they pursue to accomplish their objectives are largely up to them.

The pod structure is a snapshot in time, based on a pods performance it may receive more roles, funding, allocation or allocation of shared services. Since it is a snapshot in time, pods can also be disbanded if the efforts of the autonomous group do not bear fruit.

Long term governance goals

The project is continually exploring ways to involve the community in our decision-making processes. These explorations include both off-chain and on-chain governance models.

Aion Foundation

The Aion Foundation has four global offices and governs itself as a "Pod based foundation". Learn more about our governance here.

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